Is Lucy An Old Elephant?

Some people claim Lucy is too old and shouldn't be moved. In fact, Lucy isn't old at all, she was born in 1975, so would be considered middle aged compared to her family in the wild.
The oldest documented Asian elephant was Lin Wang who lived in a zoo in Taiwan. He was 86 years old when he died.
Vatsala, an elephant who lives at the Panna Tiger Reserve in India is thought to be even older. Her caregivers believe she is now in her mid 90s. There are several other elephants who are also thought to be in their 90s, although they have no documentation to prove it.
African elephants usually don't live quite as long as Asian elephants, but there are individuals who have lived more than 60 years and some beyond 70 years. There are even females in their mid to late 50s who have had calves.
While few elephants ever live until even the age of 40 in Canada's cold climate, if her conditions are improved and her health gets better, she could live a very long time.