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Edmonton Humane Society/Valley Zoo Conflict of Interest (October 14, 2010)

posted 15 Oct 2010, 06:46 by Rob Laidlaw   [ updated 15 Oct 2010, 07:19 ]
Following a recent request to investigate Lucy’s distress, a conflict of interest was discovered between the Edmonton Humane Society and the Edmonton Valley Zoo.  The Edmonton Humane Society’s official charity information returns, filed with Canada Revenue Agency, reveal that the private charity has received municipal funding since 2007 when the first cruelty complaints about Lucy were filed.  A subsequent search revealed that in April, 2007, the City of Edmonton, (owner and operator of the Valley Zoo) voted to donate an additional $1.25 million toward the construction of a new home for the Edmonton Humane Society.

“It is a clear conflict of interest by the Edmonton Humane Society to be conducting an animal cruelty investigation of any funder, especially one this significant”  stated Julie Woodyer, Campaigns Director for Zoocheck Canada “Since learning about this conflict earlier this week, we have sent in written requests to the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Solicitor General asking that they step in to assign this cruelty investigation for Lucy to an enforcement agency who does not have a conflict of interest with the city.”


Animal cruelty complaints were originally filed with the Humane Society in 2007, but the Society failed to take action to relieve Lucy’s suffering at that time.  The most recent complaint was delivered by Zoocheck, Voice for Animals and PETA last week following the decision of Justice Rooke in his consideration of the type of legal action that should be taken for Lucy.  In that decision, the judge indicated that the Animal Protection Act and Alberta Zoo Standards should be applied to relieve Lucy’s distress and that enforcement agencies have a statutory duty to enforce the laws. 


The15 page written complaint is supported by a half metre high stack of affidavits, scientific reports and other evidence that Lucy is suffering, in pain, and her condition is worsening at the Valley Zoo.  


To view the cruelty complaint CLICK HERE. To view the letters regarding the conflict of interest Click here for letter to Alberta SPCA and Click here for Letter to Solicitor General Letter.


Contacts:          Julie Woodyer, Zoocheck Canada  (416) 451-5976;                             

Tove Reece, Voice for Animals  (780) 918-5385

                        Lisa Wathne, PETA  (206) 367-0228;