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I Love Lucy (July 22, 2009)

posted 26 Aug 2010, 10:34 by Bhavithra Aloysious

Ricky to attend council meeting to find out why the council has been ignoring Lucy


Everyone remembers Ricky Ricardo from the I Love Lucy show.  Now Ricky The Elephant is joining forces with Voice 4 Animals and Zoocheck Canada in the Free Lucy campaign to ask that the council take action to move Lucy to a sanctuary in the USA before the cold weather arrives.


To date the Edmonton City council has made no attempt to bring in any arms-length experts to assess Lucy’s condition or determine what needs to be done in order that she can be moved despite having received thousands of pieces of correspondence asking them to send her to a sanctuary. 


Voice 4 Animals and Zoocheck Canada are calling on the council to set up a public hearing that will facilitate gathering public views about Lucy as well as allow experts to address council in regards to some of the key aspects that have been at the centre of debate and finally bring some transparency to this issue.


In addition, Bob Barker has personally written to the Edmonton City Council to ask for an opportunity to address the council in September to discuss Lucy and bring along an expert who moves ailing elephants to explain how the move will be done without overly stressing Lucy to ensure her safety.  Mr. Barker has also offered to bring in an elephant veterinarian should the council decide they would like a vet with years of experience in elephant health care to provide a medical consultation.


Ricky will be joined by a group of Lucy supporters outside of City Hall today to tell the council that they want action for Lucy, and they want it soon.


Event location:  In Front of Edmonton City Hall (1 Sir Winston Churchill Square)

Event time:  Between noon and 1pm today


For more information contact:

Tove Reece (Voice 4 Animals): 780-922-417, 780-918-5385 (cell)


Julie Woodyer (Zoocheck): 1-888-801-3222 (office, toll free), 416-451-5976 (cell)


For interviews with Bob Barker, contact his publicist, Henri Bollinger: 818-784-0534