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PETA & Zoocheck Sue City of Edmonton (February 1, 2010)

posted 26 Aug 2010, 11:00 by Bhavithra Aloysious

On behalf of PETA and Zoocheck, respected attorney Clayton Ruby will initiate legal action against the city of Edmonton over the conditions under which an ailing elephant named Lucy is forced to live at Edmonton's Valley Zoo—conditions that the groups say are cruel and unlawful. In a letter sent to Mayor Stephen Mandel in October, PETA and Zoocheck warned that legal action would be taken against the city in an effort to seek enforcement of Alberta's Animal Protection Act if Lucy's distress was not relieved. Ruby, along with representatives of PETA and Zoocheck, will discuss the case at a news conference on Monday after the application for declaratory judgment is filed in Alberta's Court of Queen's Bench.


Originating Notice Requesting Declaratory Relief and Expert Affidavits availble on this site after 1 pm MST.