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Lucy's Medical Records

Below are highlights of Lucy's medical records up until 2009, which were obtained via Freedom of Information legislation. Text has been extracted directly from the Valley Zoo’s medical and keeper records. Virtually no medical records are available for the 1977 - 1980 time period.

Name:   Skanik (Lucy)
Birth date per elephant studbook:   May 19, 1975
Captured from the wild in Sri Lanka:   1976
Arrived at Edmonton Valley Zoo:   May 1977
Sex:   Female 

Date  Comments
Cut on left rear leg.
Pus oozing from tip of tail.
Deep cracks in skin.
Infected tail.
Left front foot abscess. First record of foot infections.
Ear infection.
Right and left ear infections.
Chronic ear infection.
Chronic ear infection.
Infection in both ears.
Abscesses left trunk fold.
1-Oct-91 Arthritis – treated with chronic pain medication. First mention of Arthritis.
Split right front nail.
Split toe nail.
Cracked toe, cuticle and skin.
Puffy purplish lesions on right back side of tail.
White discharge from trunk (large amount).
Split rear nail.
Hard lump - loosened. Spray topagen on nose.
Gland discharging odorous material - loose stool.
Has several lumps on her back.
Area around temporal glands are developing large cracks - possibly infected.
Appears sore on right rear leg.
Scrapes on top of left hip.
25-Oct-97  Treat open cracks on neck.
26-Oct-97  Treat open crack in skin.
27-Nov-97 Cut on centre of trunk.
28-Dec-97  Stiffness - treated with pain medication.
28-Jan-98  Very stiff and sore - treated with pain medication for more than a month.
Excessive cracks in nails.
Lesion on toe on left front foot.
10-Nov-98  Wound on tail.
16-Dec-98  Still being treated for infected areas on tail.
10-Feb-99  Infected bite wound on tail.
10-Feb-99  Left eye weeping - conjunctivitis.
27-Feb-99  Still treating infected bite wound on tail.
25-Aug-99  Not using back legs properly.
25-Aug-99  Lump on tail, very swollen and red.
Not vocalizing - suspected sinus congestion.
29-Mar-00  Pus discharging from trunk - did not eat well the night before.
29-Apr-00  Swollen right leg - treated with pain medication.
4-May-00  Stiff leg - treated with pain medication.
6-Sep-00  Very sore - doesn’t even want to stretch out.
14-Sep-00  Arthritic - treated with pain medication.
20-Sep-00  Not bending knee fully.
20-Nov-00  Chronic skin crack.
14-Feb-01  Crack in skin on hip.
18-Apr-01  Pus in crack on tail.
28-Jun-01  Arthritic - treated with pain medication.
12-Sep-01  Back right leg sore.
3-Oct-01  Scraped face this morning.
1-Nov-01  Trouble stretching and getting up - treated with pain medication.
14-Nov-01  Found a screw in her back left foot.
Does not want to stretch out or lie down .
2-Jan-02  Swollen leg between ankle and knee, not laying down - interacting with other elephant.
10-Jan-02  Doesn't appear to be laying down to sleep - won't stretch out or lie down.
6-Feb-02  Sore on foot (soft area on foot).
12-Feb-02  Sore on left foot hardened. Right foot has been sore. Right knee swollen.
21-Feb-02  Being given pain medication for arthritis.
28-Feb-02  Radiograph showed spurs in the knee joint..
6-Mar-02  X-ray reveals severe arthritis (degeneration) of right carpus.
20-Mar-02  Right leg stiff at carpus. Bottom of feet are badly overgrown.
27-Mar-02  Possible left foot abscess. Soft spot on left foot.
31-Mar-02  Right front pad very soft. Possible ruptured abscess.
3-Apr-02  Softness of front right pad has increased, being treated for abscess.
17-Apr-02  Ruptured abscess on front right foot (pus).
24-Apr-02  Right front foot, abscess ruptured. Cuticle on toe swollen. Soft spot on the pad (toonie size).
1-May-02  Abscess ruptured through bottom of the foot.
8-May-02  Cut on left leg (2” in length). Skin build up on toes and elbows. Lump in right breast.
15-May-02  Front right nail discharging pus. Brown mucous discharge.
22-May-02  Curette of feet bleeding and pus.
5-Jun-02  Right toe cracked. Pain treatment for arthritis continued.
6-Jun-02  Not eating or drinking well. Laying down, only getting up to change sides.
7-Jun-02  Outside toenail on right foot 75% detached. Sleeping for 2 days.
8-Jun-02  Outside toenail fell off.
10-Jun-02  Still very sore, not eating or drinking very much. Sleeping. Some diarrhea. Inside toenail 75% detached.
11-Jun-02  Inside toenail fell off.
12-Jun-02  Appears stronger but appetite is still suppressed.
18-Jun-02  Sores on side of face. Right foot swollen. Cracking behind all toenails. Left toe cracking at base.
19-Jun-02  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
3-Jul-02  Bed sores on side of face and hips.
31-Jul-02  Bed sore on right hip and right elbow.
16-Aug-02  Fell on right hip during walk.
23-Aug-02  Lump on right hip.
4-Sep-02  Lump on right hip is getting larger. Muscle atrophy on right rear leg.
11-Sep-02  Soft spot on toenail (right foot).
18-Sep-02  Skin lesions around hip lump.
25-Sep-02  Left front foot softness. Bruised right knee.
9-Oct-02  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
23-Oct-02  Two holes on the pads of the feet behind two toes. Bed sores on hip and elbow.
5-Nov-02  Lump on hip is an abscess. Drained clear fluid and some blood and protruding from hip (apple size).
27-Nov-02  Tender right foot.
4-Dec-02  Right foot abscess ruptured in one toe. Pus oozing from another toe on the same foot.
11-Dec-02  Toenail base splitting, soft spot under the toe. Lucy seems stiff and slow.
18-Dec-02  Not sleeping. Swelling in leg. Lots of pus from hip.
22-Dec-02  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
31-Dec-02  Front feet very sore, changing feet to relieve pressure.
8-Jan-03  Right front foot has fistulas in nail.
Pus exuding from right front toes. Continuing pain medication for arthritis.
29-Jan-03  Pus from hip.
5-Feb-03  Right toenail split. Nail bed swollen.
13-Feb-03  Sore on top of mouth. Hip abscess draining.
15-Feb-03  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
5-Mar-03  Not laying down to sleep.
19-Mar-03  Hip abscess very swollen.
Right hip sensitive and sore (continued pus discharge). Note indicates that she needs a bed to sleep on inside.
26-Mar-03  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
26-Mar-03  Hip abscess draining but still swollen. Two fistulas felt inside. Front right foot swollen.
2-Apr-03  Front right toe abscessing. Bottom pad is soft behind 2 toes on right foot.
30-Apr-03  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
7-May-03  Severe stiffness - continue pain medication treatment.
28-May-03  Very stiff and sore. Scrape on stomach - continue pain medication treatment.
27-Aug-03  Hip abscess swelled up again. Front right foot sensitive. 
3-Sep-03  Foot abscess.
17-Sep-03  Hole in bottom of right foot, pus discharge. Swollen knee. 
9-Sep-03  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
18-Oct-03  Temporal gland exudates, green discharge.
15-Oct-03  Toenail split. Soft toe emitting odor. Continuing pain medication for arthritis. 
5-Nov-03  Hip starting to swell again. 
3-Dec-03  Left toe bulging, pus discharge and blood. 
31-Dec-03  Infected hair follicles on tail. Still pus from Hip lump.
27-Jan-04  Hip wound bleeding.
25-Feb-04  Mucus from hip yesterday. Toenail and cuticle very soft. 
10-Mar-04  Two small abscesses below rectum. 
17-Mar-04  New abscess on front left tow #4, Front right toe #5 cracked through, hole on bad very sensitive. 
30-Mar-04  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
12-May-04  Hole in right foot increasing in size. Left toe crack bulging and oozing pus, blood and/or fluid.
26-May-04  Pus from cuticle area on front left foot. 
23-Jun-04  Snuffling & gurgling in trunk, some occasional discharge. First mention of respiratory problems. 
30-Jun-04  Front right knee swollen. Using trunk to assist walking. Continue pain medication. 
7-Jul-04  Sharp object removed from hole in pad on right foot. 
18-Aug-04  Swollen above right front toe
25-Aug-04  Gurgling in trunk. 
15-Sep-04  Hyperkeratosis on trunk. One crack behind each ear. 
6-Oct-04  Still wheezing. 
13-Oct-04  Wheezing in trunk getting worse. Open mouth breathing. 
20-Oct-04  Still wheezing, starting to sneeze out a bit of discharge. 
3-Nov-04  Laboured breathing when laying on left side. Open mouth breathing. Sore on trunk. 
3-Nov-04  Abscess on left toe cuticle, hole in right foot pad is tender. 
24-Nov-04  Mucous discharge from trunk. Pus discharge from left toe. Tested for TB - negative. 
8-Dec-04  Abscess ruptured on left toe.
28-May-03  Very stiff and sore. Scrape on stomach - continue pain medication treatment.
10-Dec-04  Abscess on right foot. 
13-Dec-04  Poor appetite. Labored breathing worse today. Abscesses on one toenail of each foot and tail. 
14-Dec-04  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
22-Dec-04  Left foot sore. Treatment for upper respiratory inflammation. 
29-Dec-04  Infection in left front foot. Right toenail split.
3-Jan-05  Treatment for sinusitis.
5-Jan-05  Right toe very swollen. Left toe draining pus. 
12-Jan-05  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
13-Jan-05  Treatment for upper respiratory irritation.
2-Feb-05  Right foot pad is lifting in the centre.
6-Feb-05  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
9-Feb-05  Hip abrasion. 
16-Feb-05  Pus from tail abscess. 
23-Feb-05  Open mouth breathing increased. Hip pus discharge. 
3-Mar-05 Treatment for upper respiratory blockage. 
9-Mar-05  Right toe bulging and soft. Continued treatment for respiratory blockage. 
16-Mar-05  Right toe still swollen. Left toe starting to split. Yellow discharge from sore on hip. 
17-Mar-05  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
6-Apr-05  Abscess/hole on hip. 
12-Apr-05  Treatment for upper respiratory congestion. 
30-Apr-05  Continued treatment for upper respiratory congestion. 
11-May-05  Blood in urine. Enlarged lump on vulva.
12-May-05  Treatment for urinary tract infection.
25-May-05  Blood in urine was a possible reaction to nerve testing. 
27-May-05  Continued pain medication treatment for arthritis. 
10-Jun-05  Continue treatment for congestion. 
15-Jun-05  Lots of nasal mucous - continue treatment for upper respiratory congestion. 
29-Jun-05  Lots of open mouth breathing and trunk gurgling. Difficulty breathing when laying down. Left toe pus discharge. 
13-Jul-05  Discharge from trunk. Continued mouth breathing. Hole in left front pad. 
27-Jul-05  Nostril seems to be plugged. 
3-Aug-05  White discharge from trunk. Nostril appears to have blockage. Right foot callusing, swollen.
10-Aug-05  Continue treatment for upper respiratory congestion. 
7-Sep-05  Breathing worse. 
21-Sep-05  Frequent mouth breathing. 
28-Sep-05  Increased mouth breathing. A bit stiff in the morning. 
23-Nov-05  Lots of heavy breathing, very congested. 
1-Dec-05  Still congested, breath smells very bad. 
7-Dec-05  Left front leg appears painful, not bending elbow. Breath smells like rotting tooth. Weight at 8,900 lbs - on a strict diet. 
14-Dec-05  Glands swollen behind ears - Has been "grouchy". Continue pain treatment for arthritis. 
29-Dec-05 Trunk scope - no visible sign of respirator problem. Right nostril slightly thicker than left.
15-Feb-06  Continued open mouth breathing. Both left and right pad very cracked. 
22-Feb-06  Lesion in nostril. 
8-Mar-06  Left foot problems from snow/ice and sand/dirt in cracks and holes.
3-May-06  Pus in tail. 
7-Jun-06  Stiff on right front, shoulder and elbow appears sore. Treated with pain medication.
7-Jun-06  Not sleeping since sand moved out from inside.
21-Jun-06  Difficulty breathing through trunk. Lots of head resting. Not laying down to sleep - tired. Mouth breathing when laying on right side. 
28-Jun-06  Left foot abscess draining. Blisters in mouth. 
12-Jul-06  More trouble breathing when laying on right side.
19-Jul-06  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
26-Jul-06  Pus front left foot.
2-Aug-06  Not eating as much hay or veggies as normal. Taken off medication re: appetite issues. 
9-Aug-06  White foamy trunk discharge.
9-Aug-06  Still not eating most fruits and veggies. Trunk intermittent foamy thick discharge. 
19-Aug-06  Pneumonia, labored breathing, lethargic. Hole in bottom of left foot, discharge.
23-Aug-06  Small pustules in skin folds. Breathing more congested last couple of days. 
27-Sep-06  Still congested, increased discharge from trunk.
4-Oct-06  Starting to get stiff. 
18-Oct-06  Congested.
15-Nov-06  Thick white nasal discharge. Left leg sore. 
29-Nov-06  Pus discharge from tail. 
14-Dec-06  Stiffer - did not finish hay last night.
20-Dec-06  Trunk discharge. Lost portion of upper left tooth. 
17-Jan-07  Front left shoulder stiff and sore. 
14-Feb-07  Left knee swollen and sore. Continuing pain treatment for arthritis. 
28-Feb-07  A lot of mucous discharge from trunk. 
14-Apr-07  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
25-Apr-07  White nasal discharge continues.
4-Jul-07   Very congested, does not want to lay down. Pain treatment for arthritis.
11-Jul-07  Treatment for upper respiratory infection. Back leg very stiff in morning. 
27-Jul-07  Front right knee very stiff - pain treatment for arthritis. 
1-Aug-07  Stiff knee, limited flexibility.
5-Aug-07  Very stiff, lifting front right leg while out on walk. Right front knee quite swollen.
23-Aug-07  Front right knee still stiff. - continue pain treatment.
5-Sep-07  Congested.
7-Sep-07  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
19-Sep-07  Keeper removed 2" stick from hole in left front foot. 
8-Oct-07  Very stiff this morning, pain medication.
31-Oct-07  Stiff right front knee (began Oct. 25th). Seems stiff in shoulder.
14-Nov-07  Breathing laboured, thick foamy discharge from trunk. 
15-Nov-07  No flexibility at all in right front knee. Left front foot swollen above cuticle line. 
16-Nov-07  Still very stiff - pain medication.
3-Dec-07  Swelling on ear. Continued mouth breathing, lots of foamy discharge.
18-Dec-07  Difficulty stretching. Continued mouth breathing, bringing up thick white mucous. 
27-Dec-07  Still mouth breathing, thick white nasal discharge.
30-Dec-07  Continued pain medication treatment for arthritis. 
9-Jan-08  Small lesion on P5 at coronary band.
15-Jan-08  Continue pain medication for arthritis.
9-Feb-08  Not eating hay, lethargic, very little water consumption. Loose cap in anterior of mouth.
19-Feb-08  Diarrhea. No change in mouth. 
12-Mar-08   Not eating or drinking. Will not open mouth. Sore swollen left front over radius. Diarrhea.
13-Mar-08  Lymph nodes at angle of jaw swollen.
20-Mar-08  Continued pain medication treatment for arthritis.
16-Apr-08  Not eating. Painful tooth. Showing signs of colic today. Upper left tooth now loose too.
24-Apr-08  Impacted tooth looser. Tooth on other side loosening up. Lethargic.
26-Apr-08  Continued pain medication treatment for arthritis. 
20-Jun-08  Malpositioned tooth. 
16-Aug-08  Early stages of colic. 
30-Sep-08  Continued daily pain medication treatment for arthritis. 
30-Sep-08  Arthritis in front left leg more noticeable today, decreased appetite, tooth is aching, she is pushing on her jaw.
23-Oct-08  Continued daily pain medication treatment for arthritis.
4-Nov-08  Increased pain medication due to sore right hind leg. 
11-Nov-08  Continued daily pain medication treatment for arthritis. 
12-Nov-08  Lesion on right ear fold.
18-Nov-08  Continued daily pain medication treatment for arthritis. There is a note indicating it is "OK to give browse in moderation".
10-Dec-08  Prescribed 27 days worth of pain killers for arthritis pain.
12-Jan-09  Continued daily pain medication treatment for arthritis. 
14-Jan-09  Nasal discharge thick some green colour. Lots of necrotic (dead tissue) material around tooth.
28-Jan-09  Abscess above cuticle on left front foot outside 2nd toe.
29-Jan-09  Abscess open.
30-Jan-09  Lucy's weight 9,726 lbs (Lucy was considered to be overweight at 8,300 lbs in other records from the zoo).
4-Feb-09  Abscess on left front foot opened and draining. Vet discussed diet, weight all foods and record precisely, no extras like bran or popcorn at this time.
6-Feb-09  Lucy's weight 9,440 lbs.
14-16-Feb-09  TB testing as required by provincial law, negative for TB.
20-Feb-09  Lucy's weight 9,380 lbs.
26-Feb-09  Front right foot - small deflect in ventral toe, slightly tender, clean and disinfect.
6-Mar-09  Weight 9,446 lbs - Arthritis treatment for pain.
10-Mar-09  Tooth bothering her, increase medication for tooth and arthritis pain. Clean right front foot.
12-Mar-09  Weight 9,440 lbs.